8 Must-See Dramas for Summer 2013

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May 10: The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby can go really one of two ways:

1. It'll be the movie of the year. Leo DiCaprio will be the perfect actor to take on the enigmatic Gatsby. Director Baz Luhrmann will bring the appropriately glitzy look needed to tell a tale of 1920s excess. And the plot will balance the love story convention in the book with its broader message.


2. It'll be an amazing failure. On the surface, the film is insane. It's a 3D adaptation of the best book of the 20th century—featuring a score by Jay-Z. 

Regardless, this should be one of the most exciting movies of the year.

April 26: Mud

Matthew McConaughey plays a fugitive who becomes friends with two teenage boys. Mr. Alright Alright Alright has turned his career around after that awful spurt of romantic comedies, so this could be an interesting flick to see. Especially if McConaughey turns in another Killer Joe-good role. (Note: Do not ever watch Killer Joe with a female. It's unspeakably violent.)

May 24: Before Midnight

The third in a trilogy of films that are, simply, about a guy and a girl spending two days talking to each other, Before Midnight is not exactly going to be a movie that you talk about at the frat house. But, odds are, the Richard Linklater flick will be one of the best written all year.

July 5: The Way Way Back

This coming-of-age film starring Steve Carell and relatively unknowns AnnaSophia Robb and Liam James received quality Sundance reviews. Many favorably compared the plot to 2009’s underrated Adventureland—although that may be due mostly to the shared amusement park settings. We'll see. I'm intrigued by Carrell's incredible dickishness in the trailer.


July 26: Blue Jasmine

Woody Allen’s annual film release has a plot that’s been kept heavily under wraps. We do know that BroBible favorite Louis C.K. plays a featured role.

July 26: Fruitvale

The story of Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old killed under suspicious circumstances by Northern California police officers, may be one to watch thanks to star Michael B. Jordan, who’s been fantastic in everything he’s ever appeared, from The Wire to Friday Night Lights to Chronicle.

August 2: The Spectacular Now

With National Book Award Finalist source material and rave reviews at Sundance, The Spectacular Now stars Miles Teller as a popular and hard-partying high school senior who finds himself wifed up to a not-so-popular good girl. If you’ve noticed, the coming-of-age movie is, arguably, the second most prominent theme of the summer (after blowing up Earth), so The Spectacular Now will have be to pretty damn spectacular, now, to stand out from the pack. 

August 30: One Direction: This is Us

Haha, just kidding, screw these guys.

(Acclaimed documentarian Morgan Spurlock directed this, by the way. Money is a powerful, powerful thing, friends.)


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