9 movie losers you’d definitely hang out with

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In the movies, these awful groups of losers are a bunch of outcasts, geeks and dweebs. But in reality, these lovable movie losers are way cooler than your real friends could ever be. Keep reading to review nine groups of movie losers you’d love to hang out with.

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9 Wayne and Garth’s Crew – Wayne’s World

Wayne and Garth are the equivalent of those geeky nerds in your high school that stayed home and listened to speed metal instead of going out to party with the cool kids. However, if you had the chance, you’d gladly ditch all your friends to spend a night in the basement of Wayne’s house. Or headbanging at a Crucial Taunt concert. Or riding around in an AMC Pacer singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

8 The Three Amigos

Wherever there is injustice, they’ll be there. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be right there with them – because despite their complete incompetence and idiocy, these are the three heroes you want on your side when confronted by El Guapo. Sure, they’re worthless out-of-work actors that can’t tell the difference between an acting gig and real-life danger, but with all those pony tricks and that indomitable optimism, it would be pretty hard to pass up a day at the cantina with Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms and Ned Nederlander.

7 The View Askew-niverse – Clerks, Mallrats, etc.

If ever there were a group of go-nowhere losers, this would be it. However, these lovable screw-ups have the ability to make even the most mundane things sound fun. From hanging out in a convenience store all day and wandering around the mall to standing on a street corner and dancing like a freaking idiot, it’s undeniable that Dante, Brodie, Jay and Silent Bob could show you a good time.

6 The Superbad Crew – Superbad

They may be awkward around girls and have an unnatural urge to fill entire notebooks with drawings of penises, but for some reason you’d still want to party with these guys if you ever got the chance. Of course, there’s Seth and Evan – who are probably more like you were in high school than you’d like to admit. But then there’s also Fogell (aka McLovin), the uber-dork that’s turns out to be so much fun, that a couple of cops can’t seem to tear themselves away from him.

5 The Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters

If ever your town is overrun by a bunch of ghosts, there’s no one you’d rather be running with than the Ghostbusters. Sure, by day they’re a bunch of out of work college professors, but by night they’re the dudes that save your ass from giant Marshmallow Men and evil demonic Gatekeepers. Add in the chance to strap on a Proton Pack to your back, and it’s safe to say one night with these guys would be a night to remember.

4 The Goonies

The Goon Docks apparently isn’t a hotbed for hip kids. However, despite their outcast status, you’d surely go behind the back of your cool friends to go off on an adventure with these schmucks. Whether you’re interested in putting on a pair of slick shoes, seeking out One-Eyed Willie’s treasure or just watching Chunk do the Truffle Shuffle, it would be pretty damn fun to sit down to a carton of Rocky Road with this crew.

3 The Initech Software Engineers – Office Space

The next time you need help beating the hell out of a copy machine, these are the losers to call. Scrawny, meek and socially inept, there’s not much to make you want to hang out with these dorks on the surface. But peal back the onion, and you’ll find a group of beer drinking, Kung Fu movie watching, gangsta rap singing guys that could show you a good time no matter where you are – be it flair-heavy restaurant Chotchkie’s or a dingy bachelor’s apartment.

2 The Channel 4 Evening News Team – Anchorman

In the swinging 70s, there would have been no better good-time gang to hang out with than the Channel 4 action news team. Yep, they’re stupid, misogynistic and completely oblivious to how the public perceives them, but throw on a little “Sex Panther” cologne, and pretty soon you’ll be drinking it up big time with some of the most fun idiots of all time.

1 Delta Tau Chi Fraternity – Animal House

At any real college, you would hate to be associated with any fraternity that was on “double secret probation.” But at Faber College, Delta Tau Chi turns out to be the coolest place on campus. Pledge at this outcast’s oasis, and you’ll get sex tips from Otter, play drinking games with Bluto (and lose), and get plenty of chances to humiliate Dean Wormer. Whether you want a memorable college experience or one that you’ll be too drunk to remember, Animal House is the place to be.

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