A Guide to the Super Bowl Commercials

By 02.03.12

Celebrity Commercials

The Acura commercial “Transactions” utilizes Jerry Seinfeld as the spokesman for the new NSX. Add in a cameo by Jay Leno and the Soup N*zi and it is an instant success with over 8.4 million views on YouTube in only a few days.

After causing much commotion on the Internet that thought this spot was a teaser trailer to a sequel to “Ferris Bueller's Day Off,” it was revealed that it is just a vehicle for Matthew Broderick to shill for Honda.

The hunky Greek god John Stamos is the spokesmodel for Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt. Stay with the seemingly corny commercial through the whole thing because the ending packs a punch.

Will Arnett is the the new spokesman for Hulu, replacing Alec Baldwin. You have to appreciate the “Arrested Development” references:

It's good to see that Regis Philbin is still alive and kicking in this PepsiMax advertisement. A Coke driver has a cheating heart and when he gets caught, he really gets caught. 

They've taken the classic Mean Joe Green Coke commercial and attempted to revamp it with Amy Sedaris to make it a funny ad for Downey. Seems rather lazy.

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Sexy Commercials

It wouldn't be the Super Bowl if GoDaddy didn't parade around some sl*tty-looking girls. They don't disappoint in their new spot, “Cloud.”

Teleflora shows Victoria's Secret beauty Adriana Lima putting on sexy stocking to sell flowers. I'm sold.

Adriana Lima is also in this hilarious Kia commercial waving the checkered flag to a dream race. When a little too much dream dust is spilled, things get crazy. Like Chuck Lidell kicking ass while bullrider Judd Leffew riding a rhinoceros crazy. Like a 100-foot long hoagie crazy. Top it off with Motley Crue rocking a racetrack full of sexy bikini-clad vixens and you've got yourself one of the better commercials of recent memory.

Here's another provocative GoDaddy commercial featuring Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels decorating a nekked model with body paint. Not the most cerebral piece of marketing, but it's GoDaddy — what were you expecting besides some T&A?

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Everything Else

The CareerBuilder monkeys are back! This time the chimpanzees are causing a ruckus and ordering 46 banana daiquiris. Hilarity ensues.

Music video innovators OK Go are in a Chevy Sonic Super Bowl commercial, but if you were expecting to hear new music from the band, you'll be let down. The clip features the song, “We Are Young,” by the band Fun. The Chevy Sonic is performing numerous stunts including skydiving out of a plane and jumping over a giant skateboard.

With all of society obsessed with vampires in the last several years, Audi tried to suck the life out of the competition with this ghoulish commercial. In what could have been a scene from “Twilight” or “True Blood,” Audi shows just how bright their new LED lights are.

Who doesn't love the “Rocky” theme song? Hyundai gathered up real employees from their Montgomery, Alabama, plant and had them channel their inner-Rocky Balboa. The commercial doesn't make me want to buy a car as so much as it provokes me to run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


It's cute. It's nerdy. It's dogs barking the “Star Wars” theme in an ad for Volkswagen brilliantly dubbed, “The Bark Side.”

Remember being a kid (or for me, last week) and teasing someone by saying, “If you love it so much, why don't you marry it?” Well that's the thinking behind Jack in the Box's ad for their new BLT Cheeseburger. A man in love with beautiful bacon marries it. The happy couple's wedding night is going to get strange.

One of the better Super Bowl commercials won't actually be seen in the United States. Budweiser Canada has an awesome commercial where they surprise two rec hockey teams in Port Credit, Ontario, by filling the arena with a rabid flash-mob that roots them on.

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