‘Archer’ Takes on the 80s in This Terrific Promo Poster for Season 5

by 4 years ago

If this just-released teaser poster for the new season is indicative of anything, it's going to be amazing. Not even exaggerating. It's Archer Vice and the 80s motif is beautiful. This is the decade Archer belongs in. Where undercover cops were encouraged to do cocaine and booze it up and sleep with the international terrorist's hot girlfriend. Not a decade with OSHA and internal affairs and sexual harassment lawsuits. 

Just look at Archer, holding that short-barrel shotgun and a bag of cash. How else would you want your Archer? The only question is how does all of ISIS end up in Miami in 1984? Kreiger time machine? God, I hope it's a Krieger time machine. 

Also, don't forget, Lana is pregnant this season. That should be good. 



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