Of Course You Can Already Bet On Who Brad Pitt Will Hook Up With Next, I’m Just Wondering What Took So Long?

By 09.21.16

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I stated mere moments after it was announced that Angelina Jolie was divorcing Brad Pitt, “So who will be the next woman Brad Pitt should date? I bet there are already odds being placed by gambling agencies on it for sure.”

Turns out I was pretty well on the mark as today you can officially place bets on who Pitt will marry next.

Unfortunately so far we only have two choices and they are based on what “profession” his next wife will have: Actress or Other.

Myself? I have to think bro is going to go outside the box on the next one. He’s already 0-for-2 when it comes to being married to an actress.

Perhaps he’ll go the Amal Clooney route since he seems to obviously like women who wield power internationally like Angelina.

Then again if the rumors are true and he was hooking up with Marion Cotillard and, gasp, she’s pregnant with his kid his die might already have been cast.

If not, who do you think he’ll hitch his wagon to the next time? Will he get back with Jennifer Aniston and wreck another marriage? Gwyneth Paltrow is available now. Or like I postulated a moment ago, will it be someone we’ve never heard of like with his buddy Clooney?

I don’t know, but the world is his oyster now. Maybe he and Johnny Depp can go out together and see what pops up.

Oh, I’m also throwing this in here just one more time, because damn I can’t stop laughing at it. (Is that wrong?)

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