This Detailed Breakdown of John J. Rambo’s Body Count by Movie Just Made My Goddamn Day

by 4 years ago

This infographic was from Lapham's Quarterly go there to see more stuff like this.

Where the hell is the 4th installment? He killed like 700 people in Burma in that movie. He ripped a man's throat out for Christ's sake!

Also, total fuckin' cheap shot adding the sex scene count to make fun of the movies. We all know John J. Rambo came after each fatality he was responsible for. Plus, if that chick in Rambo II wasn't so careless getting herself killed, it was set in stone that Johnny would have double teamed her with Colonel Trautman when he got back to camp.

Don't look shocked, Colonel. 

[H/T Lapham's Quarterly]


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