Chris Pratt Yet Again Proves In This Video Why He’s The Chillest Bro You’ve Never Met

by 2 years ago

Sheesh man, Chris Pratt is such a laid-back homie just trying to catch the next flight to god knows where, but hopefully somewhere that involves filming the upcoming ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2′; and this interviewer won’t leave the poor bro alone. Ah well, sometimes you’ve gotta’ push the limits to take home that gem of a one-liner right, and in this case, damn if the shameless paparazzi-coverage was worth it. When asked whether he misses being fat (wow, low-key move reporter, low-key) Pratt responded saying he still is, and that he especially misses beer above all other unhealthy goods in his quest to keep fit for his returning role as Starlord in the next ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’ So pour one out for your homie Chris Pratt, boys. He’s the guy every dude wants to drink in peace with at your local neighborhood hole-in-the-wall tavern; or on the flip side turn the fuck up with on a Friday night. Pratt knows how to get down.


Anyone remember his epic ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video? Mad kudos for upholding the rules of the ice-to-face game Pratt.

The best bit of this little airport interview comes at the end when Pratt drops the golden one-liner that’s honestly the perfect headline for any piece trying to cover this news:

‘She likes me just the way I am and that’s good ’cause she’s gonna get Fat Pratt in no time flat.’

You just can’t beat that on-the-go, whiplike witty humor. Love this guy and can’t wait for what he gives us next!

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