Chrissy Teigen Hilariously Owned A Twitter Troll Who Made A Nasty Comment About Her ‘Class’

by 8 months ago
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If you’re going to come at social media queen Chrissy Teigen, you best not miss. Something a troll on Twitter learned the hard way.

The other day, when Teigen saw video of Melania Trump swatting President Donald’s hand away, Chrissy decided to drop a tweet expressing her feelings about it.

Typical Chrissy, having some fun on Twitter with a snide little jab at The Donald.

Welp, apparently one person on Twitter didn’t appreciate her humor. (Aside: Why do people comment and/or follow people they obviously can’t stand? Why torture yourself? Never mind. Moving on…)

Teigen then responded with one of the funniest burns I may have ever read on the internet…

“Ya finger lookin head ass.”


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