Very Cool Supercut Highlights Stanley Kubrick’s Directorial Genius

By 08.29.12

Video essasyist Kogonada, who has an affinity for highlighting stylistic signatures of notable directors, decided to hone in on Kubrick's claim to fame, something known as “one-point perspective.”  

For his latest supercut, new this morning, kogonada highlights Kubrick’s use of “one-point perspective,” which refers to compositions in which spatial planes converge at one vanishing point in the distance—such as in a shot down a long hallway, or over train tracks headed into the horizon. As the video highlights, Kubrick also tended to place his subjects right over that vanishing point, dead-center in the frame, making any symmetry (especially in creepy twins) particularly striking.

The video is cool enough in itself, but the music accompanyment–Requiem for a Dream's “Lux Aterna”–puts it over the top. 

[H/T: Slate]

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