Danny McBride Reveals What to Expect in Season 4 of ‘Eastbound and Down’

By 07.05.12

McBride speaks way more coherently and intelligently than Powers, so it's relieving to read the interview rather than watch him give it (it would just be too strange to see these words come out of McBride's mouth). Here are some highlights:

Kenny and April will be together this season.

“Something we never really got to explore with the show that we always wanted to was what life would be like once April and Kenny were together…. Katy Mixon was on a hit television show, and her schedule with that show didn't really allow her to be involved with the show as much as Jody and I would have loved for her to be.  So we came up with solutions to get around that, and we sort of kept her character as the carrot at the end of the stick.  So that was a real stumbling block.  We knew if we were going to tell one more story with Kenny, we would need to have full access to Mixon to tell that story that we always kind of wanted to.”

In fact, April was supposed to be more prominently featured last year.

“That's what the third season was going to be.  He was going to go to Mexico and then get the girl, and then the third season would be the reality of what that was like.  What would that be like for Kenny Powers to finally get what he always wanted?  In the very initial stages of the show, that's what we always thought the third season would be.  When we didn't have access to Katy, we had to come up with a different idea, and that's when we decided to have her drop off the kid.  Creatively, that ended up well, and we ended up really loving how the third season turned out.  But in the back of our heads, we had so much material and so many thoughts of what that would be like when those two were together, and you only really got to see a glimpse of it in that first episode of the third season.  Jody and I resigned ourselves to the idea, though, that her show was really successful, and it just wasn't going to be in the cards for us to have access to her like we did in the first season.  So that was the one story arc we felt like we were unable to finish the way we imagined, and so that's what this epilogue does for us.”

HBO always wanted a fourth season.

“HBO has been very supportive of the show, and even when we launched into this season and Jody and I would talk about 'the last season,' they would be like 'Please don't do that. We want you to come back.  We want you to do another one.' This is something they've been telling us since the season began, and for me and Jody, we love making this show. We would love to keep making the show, but Kenny Powers isn't the sort of character where you can easily make 100 episodes and just keep it going forever.  At some point, he becomes a charicature of himself and you lose the heart and the emotion of it.  For us to ever do anything more with this, we had to feel like there was something else to tell and it wasn't just going to be tacked on.”

Check out the rest of the interview at Hitflix.

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