This Documentary About Bike Messengers Is Visual Insanity

by 5 years ago

As someone who has watched sh*t ton of movie trailers, I cannot remember any more captivating than this one. In all honesty, it justifies documentary as an entire genre. Not only is this an untold story worth telling, but holy sh*t this is just way too good. Fifty million stars, ten out of ten, just go do yourself a favor and watch it. 

Daniel Leeb, the fillmmaker behind this project, has compiled over 500 hours of footage over the past ten years. He's currently looking to whittle down everything into feature length documentary, and is seeking backing on kickstarter:

MESSENGERS takes you into the world of the bike messenger from the streets where  the deliveries are made to the underground racing circuit where heroes are created.  This is the story of men and women who have come here from all parts of the world looking to fulfill their dreams.  They are family men and single moms, artists, warriors and poets. They ride 70 to 100 miles each day through congested streets, dodging angry cab drivers, belligerent buses, and swinging car doors.  They risk their lives for their clients – in the rain, sleet and snow, everyday from sunrise to sunset.  And although they are as much a part of the city landscape as the taxis, they are largely invisible.  They are looked down upon, ignored, and often cursed by drivers and pedestrians alike.

[H/T: Gothamist]


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