Three Great Moments from the Late Michael Clarke Duncan’s Career

by 5 years ago

Here are three great moments from his career that came to mind today:

1. “I'm Tired” Speech

This, the Oscar-nominated performance from “The Green Mile,” is what he'll always be remembered for. Duncan had never really acted before—he got into the business with a steady stream of bodyguard and big guy roles—and he got his big break with this role as a death row inmate. He played it incredibly well.

2. The Scorpion King

Of course, he could also play the stone-cold badass. He had to have been one of the biggest dudes to act over the last decade, and he made for a menancing character in “The Scorpion King.” Something tells me that if Duncan and the Rock fought in real life, the former wrestler wouldn't stand a chance.

3. Talledega Nights

We need to also include some levity. Duncan was hilarious playing alongside Ricky Bobby, especially in the scene post-crash at the hospital. “Let's use this knife to pry it out!”

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