Woman From Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape Reportedly Has Plenty of Other Sex Tapes Starring Celebrities

by 5 years ago

If Hulk Hogan thought there was something special between he and Heather Clem, the woman receiving the brunt of his powerful thrusts in that much publicized sex tape, he’s going to be very disappointed. 

A close insider claims exclusively to RadarOnline.com that Heather Clem taped her sex sessions with other famous celebrities as well.

“Bubba [the Love Sponge] regularly brought his wife's sex tapes into work at the radio station and would show them to the staff,” the source says.

“When the Hulk tape was leaked none of his staff were surprised because they'd all seen it already! And that wasn't the only tape they saw with Heather having sex with a celebrity.”

The insider's bombshell claim puts Heather in bed with at least two other major celebrities with a video camera rolling.

The fact that a guy named Bubba the Love Sponge is tied up in a sex scandal will never cease to be funny. It’s almost as if his name dictated his deviant behavior and not the other way around.

If there’s a God, some of these other tapes will surface soon.

[Radar Online]

Please let it be a wrestler from the good old days.

We shouldn’t have to live in a world without video evidence of Macho Man Randy Savage or The Undertaker pinning a comely lady down for a three-count.

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