In Defense of Taylor Swift

By 08.19.12

I’m a 21-year-old, sports-loving, beer-drinking, occasionally female-disrespecting guy that loves Taylor Swift. And I’m not alone. I’m not going to tell you that Swift isn’t bitchy and whiny, because she is. Do I find it hard to believe that a young, pretty, rich girl has THIS much heartache and sadness in her life, specifically in her romantic dalliances? God, yes. But it’s her niche. And it’s a f*cking catchy niche, there’s no denying that. I dare you to listen to her new single two or three times and try not to sing the chorus.

Wiz Khalifa raps about smoking weed, Adele sings about that one Bro that dumped her because she got fat, and Swift sings about being awkward and dating the wrong guy. Because EVERYONE can relate to that. And by everyone, we’re talking about her target audience here, which is pre-teen and teenage girls, for whom every breakup and every passive-aggressive Facebook status update is a life-or-death issue. “Taylor sings about my life,” they say, because she does. Everyone has had people be mean to them, even if it isn’t Kanye West. Everyone has had an uncomfortable high school experience, and everyone has wished that someone dating someone else would notice them.

I think Taylor probably had a rough time growing up, because she appears to have the emotionally stunted maturity of a 14-year-old, and she’s undoubtedly a little weird. She probably wrote and wrote and wrote about all this stupid sh*t in her diary in high school. When she hit it big, she simply stuck with what worked, substituting her high-profile celeb life for that guy with the gorgeous eyes that wouldn’t talk to her at school.

I can’t blame her for that, just as I can’t blame the millions of people that eat it up. I’m not expecting her to become Amy Winehouse all of the sudden, because that’s not who she is. Taylor Swift is a shy, socially awkward girl with a lot of feelings that just happened to get rich. So keep singing me exaggerated songs about getting used by Hollywood A-Listers, Taylor. I’ll keep buying them, even if Andy Moore won’t.

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