The ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ Guide to Eating and Drinking

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Let's kick things off with a glass of wine in a can…


It's surprisingly simple:


Siphoned from a boxed, of course:


Best of all, it's discreet!


And really helps you calm down:


Time for shots!


Did someone say Shotgun Shot? Now things are getting crazy…


Snack time:


Let's get back to drinking…

How about a spontaneous trip to the beach? Don't forget tequilla in a sunscreen bottle…


Chased with actual sunscreeen…




On the way home, we'll grab some steaks at Dave and Busters:


Just don't use Charlie Kelly's steak knife:


Finally, it's time for a game of flip-cup:


The loser has to eat an eraser:


Or stickers:


Watch yourself while pumping that keg, bro! 


And don't drink too much or you'll get terrible ideas like this:


OK? Now let's relax with a few beers:


Maybe change things up a little bit:


Since we're drinking outside, it's time for the poolside Chinese food:


Don't go overboard:


If you need a late night snack after all that boozing, there's always cat food, beer, and glue:


Or Hot Pockets…


A word of wisdom when eating Hot Pockets: 


And please try to avoid pears as much as possible:


For lunch, we suggest a “Grilled Charlie”


Or perhaps a rum ham:


Especially during an afternoon at sea:


If you're having a night in with your best buddy, bring pizza and beer:


Hopefully he shows up:



Drown those sorrows with a keg-stand:

If you want to beef up and cultivate some mass…


Just carry around trash bag full of Mexican food:






You did it to yourself, Bro! 


If Mexican isn't your thing and you're really starving, there's always handsoap and toilet water:


Or cat food:


Or a nice egg:


Or shrimp:


Or chestnuts:


Spaghetti is good… 


Because you can take it anywhere…


And what's a trip to Philly without a cheesesteak?


In case of a zombie apocalypse, you can always resort to cannibalism:


Or maybe just monkey:


Get that taste out of your mouth…


Foulness. Time to chill out…


Let's end with a toast to the greatest It's Always Sunny meal of all time: Milksteak and “the finest” jellybeans.


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