Jessica Biel’s Brother Rips on Justin Timberlake for Not Promoting His Tequila Brand

By 12.14.11

In the video, Justin Biel acknowledges the only reason he even got the job is probably because he is Jessica's brother. Then he starts ripping on Timberlake: “I've been waiting for [Timberlake] to do something with this f*cking brand — make a song about it, put it in a god damn video, hold it up, take some pictures, I don't care — just do something because we're dying on the motherf*cking vine here!”  Biel also highlights some new marketing ideas to expand the brand, including film a rap video and filming a sex tape with his hot girlfriend in which he pounds his girl and the tequila at the same time. He also has some very clever new marketing slogans:

  • “901 Tequila … mixes well with a bump of cocaine”
  • “901 Tequila … Steve Jobs used to drink it … oh man that's too soon.”
  • “901 Tequila … I only shit my pants once on it.”
  • “901 Tequila … so god damn exclusive our own CEO doesn't even drink it.”

Overall the video is hilarious, and even though he may not work there anymore this video did a better job of raising the tequila's profile than anything Timberlake ever did.

Hat Tip to TMZ

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