‘Key & Peele’ Show How Full Of Shit ‘Scared Straight’ Motivational Speakers Truly Are

By 11.06.14


Back in high school my principal hired some schmuck to come in and talk to us. In one breath he claimed to be a D-1 Football player, Brad Pitt’s college roommate, and a recovering crack head. This guy was full of shit.

From that day forth I’ve taken solace in knowing 99.9% of the crap motivational speakers spout off is made up bullshit. Once you accept this anytime you’re forced to encounter one becomes a not-so-terrible experience because you can sit back and laugh at the asshat lying to a room full of people.

Key & Peele‘s ‘Consequences’ takes on this phenomenon of a lying motivational speaker with the aplomb we can only expect from the funniest duo on Comedy Central:


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