How ‘Men at Work’ GIFs Explain Office Relationships With Your Coworkers

By 01.14.14

That's about a third of EVERY week. With sleep taking up another third, there isn't much time left for a social life. You know what we mean. Finding girls your might like. That's why so many people turn to their coworkers for their.. ahem, needs. 

We here don't pass judgement left or right on that. There are good aspects to dating you coworkers and there are bad. What we are here to tell you is that they are all the same. Here's what office romances are like, with GIFs from Men at Work, TBS's sitcom about navigating the workplace. Tune-in Wednesday nights at 10/9 central.

Initial Attraction

Either a new coworker starts, or your start a new job, or you just so happen to finally notice Jessica from Accounting although you never did before (it was the pink skirt, white blouse combo she wore that did it for you). Either way, you're like “Oh my God, she's so cute!”

Note: Do not shake or touch her during this phase.

Playing It Cool

You can't let her know you like her, lest she go to HR and out you as a creep. You need to make her want you. You dress a little better, you act more confident.

The Realization

Something happens: a brush of hands, a lingering smile, and you realize one thing. IT. IS. ON.

The Ask

It's time. You've got to take the leap. You are going to ask your coworker out. Guess what? She said yes! She likes you, too.

The First Date

You are on your best behavior, because not only is this risky, you like this girl.

Ohh, you messed up. That's okay. She still likes you.

The Relationship

Guess what buddy, you just decided to date your coworker. Guess who you are ALWAYS going to see?

The Realization

Oh boy. This was a bad idea. 

The End

It's gotta end. It's gonna be easy. Just tell her what's up and she will agree, too.

HAHAHAHAH NOPE. That ain't gonna happen. You need to find yourself a new job. Don't ever do it again. 

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