Millenials Are Now Licking Their Phone Screens to Learn How to Go Down on Girls

by 4 years ago


Hey! Remember when you didn’t need an app to learn how to go down on a girl? So much for the whole “learning from experience” thing. Thanks, technology.

There’s a new smartphone app called “Lick This” that promises to teach it’s users how to become cunning-linguists. Via Fast Company:

“Do we think you’ll be a better lover because of it? No,” says co-creator Chris Allick. “Do we think it’s an interesting approach to human computer interaction and making people think about their sexuality and maybe start a conversation? Totes.”



Back to the tech-douche:

Lick This was created by San Francisco creatives who call themselves Club Sexy Time. The team, which works at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, came up with the idea while on an assignment at The Dali Museum. “We were in a surrealist mindset,” says Allick. First, they considered making an app called “The Lick Olympics.” But according to Allick, co-designer Pablo Rochat “figured, correctly, that people would gravitate towards bawdy humor more than just the fact you can lick your phone.”

Anyone who actually does this with their tongue as a learning experience has some issues. Does this mean that millenials would rather go down on their phone than a girl? The robot apocalypse is truly coming. We’re all doomed.


[H/T: Elite Daily]


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