Philly Sports Logos Meet ‘Always Sunny’ + The Must-Watch Philly Sports Power Hour

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1.) It's Always Sunny X Philly Sports Logos

An enterprising graphic designer at the genius idea of mashing-up Philly sports teams with references from The Best Show On Television, “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Someone is going to laugh all the way to the bank, because I know at least 500 people from Harrisburg to Cherry Hill who'd happily plop down $20 buck for one of these on a t-shirt. One thing, though: I think it's weaksauce they couldn't go for broke and come up with a 76ers one. Sure, they're pretty much irrelevant these days, but I'm fully expecting an episode sometime in the not-so-distant future where Dennis, Mac, and Charlie to play a 3-on-3 streetball game against Allen Iverson, Dr. J, and Moses Malone (or, f*ck it: Barkley). Make it happen, It's Always Sunny.

The Philadelphia Sports Power Hour

Now, here's the really, really good stuff. I wanted to punch a wall after watching this. Actually, I did. That's how amazing this is. Best thing I've ever watch, ever. EVER. A Philly native living in Chicago named John T. Gallagher created far and away one of the best Philly sports compilations EVER. And, perhaps best of all YOU CAN GET DRUNK TO IT BECAUSE IT'S A POWER HOUR. Yep, just one hour of blissful Philly sports memories, with a Harry Kalas-led”High Hopes” singalong indicating when you can drink. Just the trailer alone — soundtrack by The Roots and all– is un-f*cking-believable. Watch it below. I'm going outside to eat a cheesesteak now.


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