Ratchet Method Actor Shia LeBeouf Is Refusing to Shower

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Some backstory from Vanity Fair

A source tells the Daily Mail that LaBeouf has been unpopular on the set of Fury, the World War II drama filming in England, because he is maddeningly “trying to prove that he is the most dedicated star.” 

Yea. You see, Shia ain't get no damn respect and if there anyone who deserve 'spect it Shia LeBeouf. “I was in TRANSFORMERS, SON. TRANSFORMERS.”

So, how is Shia showing the cast and crew he is the hardest street actor this side of Daniel Day-Lewis? By pulling out his own teeth and refusing to shower. 

Among his reported endeavors in extremity: ripping out his own tooth and taking a clear stand against showers as a means of solidarity with his character, an American soldier embedded in the trenches. A source tells the paper ,“He pulled out his own tooth during the first few weeks of filming and then refused to shower for weeks on end so he could better understand how his character would have felt living in the trenches.”

Yea man, because that was the most difficult part of fighting in World War II: the lack of showering. Probably because they are sensible people, the cast threw him out of their cast hotel. 

The apparently pungent dedication to his craft was not popular with the crew: “Shia was warned about his behaviour by several people on set, including Brad Pitt and director David Ayer” and was allegedly moved to a different hotel. “He didn’t heed any of their warnings and found himself staying in a small bed-and-breakfast hotel away from the rest of the cast.” 

Shia LeBeouf. Classic douche. 

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