Watch a Miller Lite Commercial with the Real (Hot) Wife of the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

By 01.13.14

But let's go back to the nudity. Specifically Margot Robbie's, who plays Jordan Belfort's second wife and has one of the most jaw-dropping intros ever. She's not clothed for that long.

Margot's character is based off a real person, Nadine Caridi, who was actually a model and Miller Lite girl and the “Dutchess of Bay Ridge, as Belfort says in the movie. If you're interested in seeing how well the real-life Nadine matches up to Margot, she shows up in a red bikini in the below incredibly 90s beer commercial. She's, uh, hugging the “famous flying dog” Air Major. It was the 90s! Flying dogs were rad.

[H/T: Total Frat Move]

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