SNL Parodies Presidential Debate (with Help from Tom Hanks), Bruno Mars’ Hair, and Stefon Returns

By 10.21.12

The Presidential debate had enough hilarity by itself earlier this week, but the SNL crew wasn't gonna miss a chance to put their own spin on the big night. A great job hitting a lot of the less obvious jokes, and an unexpected cameo from Tom Hanks will ALWAYS be a plus. 

What host Bruno Mars (Bruno Mars?) lacked with any experience whatsoever, he certainly made up for in making fun of himself/belting out some solid Green Day, Aerosmith, and Kay Perry, and the Biebz, and more as a heroic Pandora intern. Michael Jackson gloves apparently, are a prequisite for working in the  internet radio biz.


And finally, Bill Hader returned to reprise his role as the hilarious Stefon, appearing on Seth Myers' weekend update to preview some of New York City's hottest halloween venue. Tough to watch, in that oh-so effective uncomfortably funny way. 

[H/T: NBC]

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