‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 episode 8 recap: Fingered

By 11.07.12
Sons Of Anarchy


What, you thought I’d watch the election? This is important! Frankie Diamonds is the man of the hour, as Jax and crew are trying to hunt him down and get the truth behind the home invasions. Of course, Clay wants to get to him first to make sure he doesn’t spill the beans.

We open with Nero and Gemma discussing their relationship. Jax, of course, wants Gemma to get back together with Clay so she can spy on him, and Nero is supposed to be out of the picture. Things are still up in the air, though, and the pair spend the episode together, bringing Carla’s ashes to the graveyard where they dump them in a mausoleum.

Meanwhile, SAMCRO is trying to track down Frankie Diamonds. He’s down in Tahoe, using his ill-gotten gains for Mafia protection. Jax and the boys take off after him, but Clay has advance information and he and Juice head off to put him down, with Juice starting to suspect that things are going wrong. Jax’s deal with Eli means he has to be taken alive.

Juice gets the drop on Frankie, who tries to pin everything on Clay. Then shots get fired and Frankie goes down. This is a problem, obviously, even with Bobby suggesting they just prop his body up in the front seat and fake it. They do the hand-off and Eli obviously isn’t happy, but he still tells Jax who the informer in SAMCRO is. But Jax… already knows. It’s Juice, of course, because of his attempted suicide a while ago.

The B-story for the episode was Tara working on Big Otto to get him to drop his participation in the RICO case. This was some seriously messed up stuff all over, first with Otto sniffing her wrist to get the scent of his dead wife’s perfume, and then a sexually demented scene with him working his junk while Tara ran her hands through his hair. Things got super weird later, when she put on some of the same perfume at home and pleasured herself. Um… what?

Do you think Jax is going to pull the trigger on Juice? A few seasons ago, I’d have said no, but he’s a pretty different guy now that Opie is in the grave, so it might be the end for Juicy.

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