Stop Taking Anything Comedians Say Seriously

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Now, since Carolla is a comedian, typically his offensiveness and overall d*ckishness are not up to be analyzed. He's judged by whether what he says is funny. And as long as he's funny—which he consistently has been over his career, from Loveline, to the Man Show, to his well-received and massively downloaded podcast—the offensiveness is kind of the point. You can lean left and still laugh at him ranting about Occupy Wall Street.

With this New York Post interview, Carolla was a d*ck again. This time, though, he messed up. He wasn't funny.

[Women are] always the least funny on the writing staff. The reason why you know more funny dudes than funny chicks is that dudes are funnier than chicks.

When you’re picking a basketball team, you’ll take the brother over the guy with the yarmulke. Why? Because you’re playing the odds. When it comes to comedy, of course there’s Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey, Kathy Griffin — super-funny chicks. But if you’re playing the odds? No. If Joy Behar or Sherri Shepherd was a dude, they’d be off TV. They’re not funny enough for dudes. What if Roseanne Barr was a dude? Think we’d know who she was? Honestly.

There's, of course, always some easy humor to be made about Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd actually having comedy careers and of what the disparity between men and women in comedy means, but Carolla went way too far with the rant. There's no way he actually thinks dudes are just all funnier than chicks, considering his podcast's producer and co-host are both funny women. He tried to be provocative and making a generalizing joke, and he whiffed.

The problem came with what his whiff brought about. Now, writers could say that Carolla has never been funny and that his brand of broad humor, which you enjoy if you're reading this site, is not “the right” humor. Carolla's attempt at being funny was made into a political discussion by organizations so unfunny they write Tweets like “If @adamcarolla was a rapper, his name would be Toolio.” Carolla's d*ckineshness and brand of humor work when they're not taken seriously. When they are taken seriously, a comedian is treated like a political theorist, and his statements take on way more meaning than they should ever be intended to take on. Carolla certainly wasn't trying to start a gender war with his words. He's a comedian. 

Don't take a comedian seriously. Don't take his words as fact and act like a dumbass misogynist and for God's sakes don't think you, the average male, are funnier than every other woman out there. Conversely, don't get offended by a guy throwing sh*t against a wall to see if it sticks. 

This is a comedian who made a joke and whiffed. Cut the self-righteous crap.

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