The 15 Ugliest Red Heads Who Became Celebrities

by 7 years ago

Feel free to add more baffling cases of people overcoming gingerness in the comments.

Conan O'Brien

You know you're one ugly mother f*cker when your look-a-like is a pale and malnourished red headed woman…

Tilda Swinton

…and vice versa.

Carrot Top

If this man were the only redhead on the planet, someone could actually tell me that theologians have concluded his hair is actually Satan's fire and I would believe them. If, of course, I believed in that hocus pocus in the first place.

Shaun White

Carrot's younger brother constantly claims that his success is the reason he has no friends in the sport of snowboarding. Yeah, and your over-sized dick is the reason no chicks want to f*ck you, right?

Molly Ringwald

Sweet? You've got to be kidding me. When I look at her head all I can think about is carving a f*cking pumpkin. Her success in the '80s is mind-crippling. 

David Caruso

You could get pretty f*cked up — maybe even hospitalized — if you watched “CSI: Miami” and took a drink every time Caruso used his sunglasses as a prop or muttered some ridiculous line (in his best Batman voice) poking fun at how the deceased person died. 

Bill Walton

His looks, overall demeanor, and candor have played a crucial role in making me the hateful prick I am today. My father thanks you, Bill.

Seth Green

Some people always play heroes and some play villains but Seth Green, he just plays a douche — a compelling one at that.

Kathy Griffin

There are shemales that are more f*cking attractive than this b*tch… and tragic deaths that are more funny.

Kate Flannery

Something tells me her life mimics her character on “The Office.” Booze has got to be the only way she gets through.

Michael Oliver

Just as I suspected, all of that “Problem Child” money seems to have been pissed away.

Ron Howard

Red hair, bald, alien-shaped head, and yet, he still remains the handsomest Howard brother.

Danny Bonaduce

Only the confidence that comes with red-haired, child-fame douchery could make anyone think taking their shirt off at a public event is a class move.

Wynonna Judd

A tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme / There's no beauty in this beast…

Peppermint Patty

Yea, so we needed one more to round-out the list. Who better than the b*tch who constantly undermines my boy Charlie Brown?

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