‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Has Released a Newspaper: What Does It Mean?

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  • The lead article on the front page, “Harvey Dent Day Festivities Planned” indicates that Batman and Lt. James Gordon's plan to mythologize Dent upon his death, at the end of “The Dark Knight,” was succesful. “With Harvey Dent Day rapidly approaching, numerous celebratory and commemorative events have been planned in and around Gotham City for the City's annual holiday,” the article reads. It continues by saying that Batman is still being held by many as responsible for Dent's death, eight years after it happened. “This year's Harvey Dent Day comes amidst questions regarding Batman's whereabouts. Many hold the masked vigilante responsible for Dent's death.”
  • The article also sets the stage for two events that will be in the movie: The charity football game played on Dent Day (as featured in the pants-wettingly good first trailer for the film) and a special party at Wayne Manor (possibly the scene when Bruce Wayne first meets Catwoman, also seen in the first trailer).
  • The bottom article, “Slew of Burglaries Plague City” gives a teaser on how Catwoman will operate in the movie. A Gotham resident named Ryan Bogardus says he “was coming home from a charity gala when [he] saw someone coming out of [his] home… [He discovered [his] wife's diamond necklace, a family heirloom, had been taken.” The charity gala was at Wayne Manor, meaning this could be when Batman first starts hearing about Catwoman's robberies.
  • The article continues on Page Three with the news that Deputy Commissioner Foley will lead a task force against the burglar. So this is what Matthew Modine is doing in the movie.


  • In the first trailer, the Gotham Rogues' stadium collapses after Bane blows it up. In the top article of Page Two, we're introduced to Rogues star player Zach Harris, who will probably at least be mentioned in the scene. And considering Hines Ward seems to be the only player that makes it out of that explosion, Harris' survival odds don't look too high.
  • The bottom article, “Public Library to be Renamed,” delivers the news that Wayne Enterprises has donated a new wing to the library and that the library is to be renamed. My money is on the movie containing a scene in which Bruce Wayne is honored as that namesake.


  • The top left article states that nine construction sites have been ransacked, and authorities believe that one person is responsible for all of them. Anyone know what Bane would want with materials from a construction site?
  • One bit of digging I did concerns the horoscopes at the bottom of the page. According to multiple websites, Bruce Wayne's birthday is February 19th, making him a Pisces. The horoscope for Pisces says “Although things seem hard, it's your job to rise up and face them.” This is a pretty cool reference to what Wayne has to do in this movie.
  • Finally, the third page also contains an advertisement for a mysterious company called “Rykin Data.” The url on the ad takes you to a webpage that contains a patent application for a “data detection and elimination algorithm.” It sounds a bit like Lucious Fox's city-wide tracking device from “The Dark Knight.”

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