‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 3 recap: The Governor

By 10.29.12
The Walking Dead


Wow, here’s a guy who’s a bigger a-hole than Shane was! And we’re back into the post-apocalyptic hellscape of The Walking Dead for another week. We open with some military guys in a helicopter that mysteriously crashes, and we see Andrea and Michonne watch it burn. Also I just realized that she uses her two zombies as pack mules to carry her supplies, because they never get tired. That’s hilarious.

They investigate the crash site but discover a convoy of vehicles on the way. It’s not Rick and crew, though – it’s a new group of guys, who go about terminating a horde of walkers with efficiency. Michonne and Andrea hide out from them, but are discovered… by Merle, still alive and with a bayonet-wielding prosthetic where his severed had used to be. Well shucky ducky quack quack, it’s about time that boy showed up! Andrea faints and they’re taken off to someplace new.

Once there, Andrea gets some medication, they have a heart-to-heart with Merle and meet the guy running the place. It’s called Woodbury and it’s basically a walled-off housing development that seems pretty well-run. They call the bossman the Governor, and he seems to have things well in hand. All of the streets are barricaded and guards pick off any walkers that draw near. A strict curfew keeps everybody in at night, but during the daytime the place seems pretty civilized. Is this it? Have we finally found a decent place to live?

What are you, stupid? We’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop. The Governor talks to the guy who survived copter crash and promises to go recover the rest of his group. He then walks into some kind of lab where a scientist is examining the remains of Michonne’s trained zombies. At breakfast, they talk a little more, and we get the implication that Michonne knew her two zombies before they were turned.

We later learn that Michonne and Andrea have been hanging out for seven months. Michonne doesn’t trust Woodbury and wants to leave, Andrea wants to stay. The Governor and his crew, meanwhile, have found the rest of the military guys and proceed to murder them in cold blood for their weapons and supplies. He then goes back to town and feeds the civilians a line of BS about how he went out and found them dead. Andrea’s starting to get soft on him, though.

And then we get a totally vile closer, as the Governor takes a key from around his neck and goes into a room in his house where he chills out in front of a bunch of tanks of severed heads, including the helicopter survivor. Well, I guess there’s nothing on TV!

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