If You See The Weeknd Today, Throw Him Daps For Sneaking In A Make Out With Selena Gomez Last Night

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Sometimes a Bro deserves daps from his fellow Bro. Coming out of a long, brutal dry spell? Daps. Having a break-through at the gym and gettin’ up those big gains? Daps. Scoring that seven-figure deal for your company that pays enough commission to put a down payment on a house? Major daps.

Today pop singer The Weeknd gets daps for his most recently public make out. He cut things off a couple months ago with A-list model Bella Hadid. With “Starboy” still charting at #1, he’s officially on the rebound, spotted last night making out with Selena Gomez.

The Weeknd makes good pop music and rocks a dad hat like a 33-year-old father-of-one about to hit Top Golf with his buddies on a Friday night. On top of that, he sneaks in make outs with one of the biggest and hottest and most sane pop stars in the world.

That deserves daps from his fellow Bros. Dude might be waking up next to this:

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Take that, Bieber.

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