Tig Notaro has a new comedy special

By 10.08.12
Tig Notaro


And you should buy it because it’s awesome. So comedienne Tig Notaro has been in the news a lot lately for a very unlikely reason: cancer. During a performance at the Largo in Los Angeles, Notaro went wildly off-routine to deliver thirty minutes of material about her recent breast cancer diagnosis. Before you close this window, hold up: it was funny, and raw, and real, and it blew away everybody in attendance, including some seriously heavy hitters in the comedy world. If you weren’t there, too bad: one time only, chumps.

Well, until now. Louis CK just started selling the audio of the set on his site for five bucks. You should buy it. Like Louis’ last set, it’s DRM-free and cheap. And it’s great. The set, and the fallout from it, have done great things for Notaro (whose cancer is currently in remission after a double mastectomy), and she’s getting her own show on LOGO called Tig Has Friends.

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