Next Week’s Time Cover Features Plenty of Breast-Sucking

By 05.10.12

Jamie Lynne Grumet, the woman featured on the cover with her son, is a real mother who subscribes to the philosophy. Photographer Martin Schoeller shot her and three other mothers breastfeeding their children.

“When you think of breast-feeding, you think of mothers holding their children, which was impossible with some of these older kids,” Schoeller explained. “I liked the idea of having the kids standing up to underline the point that this was an uncommon situation.”

That poor, poor kid. Not because of his mother’s parenting style. I’m in no place to judge anyone rearing a child, because that sh*t looks incredibly difficult. But for the rest of his life, he’ll be known as the kid who locking on to dear old mom’s teat for the entire world to see. There will be a time in the very near future where he’ll get very sick of hearing about his mom’s rack.

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