VIDEO: Deion Sanders Schools BroBible on ‘NFL Training Camp’ on the Wii

By 11.18.10

NFL Training CampI was originally of the belief that video games are meant to be played on a couch with a controller that is covered in grease from the buffalo chicken you are concurrently eating, but this game changes my opinion. “NFL Training Camp” is a vastly improved video game experience. Throwing actually feels like throwing and hurdling requires a little more than just pressing the “A” button. By the end of the game I was out of breath. Deion, of course, wasn’t. Just to give you an idea of the difference between a former professional athlete (twice over) and an Eskimo Bro, my heart rate was at 109 BPM and his at a much calmer 68 BPM at the end of the game. I can thank four-and-a-half years of college for that gap.  

As sick as playing the game against Deion Sanders was, there was one thing that stuck out as needing some improvement: the kicking. And I'm not just saying this because of that last field goal. It was hard to naturally time your kick. The most affective way to kick field goals was simply by swinging your leg like a pendulum at a stand still. Besides that, the game was a great overall experience that I recommend to all you Bros who like hanging out, throwing a football, and getting a little cardio in at the same time.  

Final Score: 8/10

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