Would You Buy Stock in This Weed Vending Machine Company?

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“MedBox” is a company that sells vending machines filled with weed. Stoners, a species of human that are highly familiar with the vending machine model of shit acquisition, will likely have a field day with this. Which may have something to do with why the stock has gone WAY up since election day.  

Funnily enough, there's so much ambiguity surrounding the recent rulings that MedBox isn't so much pumped as they are a bit scared. Via Mashable:

Based on this month’s election, the idea legalizing marijuana seems more popular than ever. Two states, Washington and Colorado, have legalized pot at the state level. With the legal marijuana market looking stronger than ever, there are companies looking to build around big-marijuana when commodity reaches critical mass.


For now, most of those companies are waiting in the wings, but not medical supply distribution producer MedBox, which has been thrust into the spotlight. The company, which makes vending machines for hospitals, pharmacies, and “alternative medicine clinics,” has seen its stock price rise by 3,000 percent since the 2012 election. You’d think MedBox executives would be ecstatic, but in reality, the company is terrified of what will happen now that it’s suddenly become so popular on Wall Street.

The company’s overnight success was based on the fact that it’s are poised to swoop in and fill the needs of pharmacy, smoke shop, and gas station that may want to start selling legal marijuana. The problem is that such a demand doesn’t actually exist yet. Until the federal government legalizes pot, states where it’s legal still won’t be able to sell it outside of medical dispensaries.

Again, note that currently, Medbox is primarily for hospitals and the like.  We'll see how this evolves, but given the general conversation regarding the deathly-death drug that is WEED!, business ventures similar to MedBox will likely be more common than not.

Will 2025 be the year of the weed boom? Stranger things, dawg. 

[H/T: Mashable]


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