20 Hot New and Rising Artists to Watch for in Summer 2013

By 05.06.13

1. (KCV)

Over the past few months, I’ve had my friends suggest a lot of DJs and producers that I might like in an effort to expand my taste range and out of all the names thrown at me, (KCV) is one I always seem to come back to. I’ve been consistently impressed with his ability to assemble superb mash-ups, a talent that seems to elude so many self-proclaimed DJs these days. He’s currently working on the next installment of “Parentheses Are Mandatory” (his mash-up series), not to mention his original production. This dude hasn’t even been making music for a year, and he’s a freshman in college, so I can’t wait to see what he puts out this summer once he actually has some free time to utilize the experience he’s acquired.


2. Quiet Luke 

Formerly known as “botTABOOm”, Quiet Luke released his first mixtape last year to little fanfare, and it was hands down one of the most slept on projects of the year. The renamed emcee impressed with his recent release, “The Feel”, though he said it was actually recorded a year ago, giving me high hopes for whatever he has up next for us, since presumably there’s been a year of improvement between then and now. I should also mention that he produces the majority of his own tracks, allowing him more detailed creative control, which is always a good thing in my eyes. Definitely stay tuned for whatever Quiet Luke has in store for this summer.


3. Cameron Matthews

Every bro needs some solid country tunes to play in the background while he drinks with his buddies – like in those manly lifestyle commercials where you don’t even know what they’re selling. And if you’re going to be drinking to country music, the twangier, the better. Cue Cameron Matthews, a 20 something songwriter who splits his time between Nashville and Clemson. This dude is twangy, yet smooth, and he’s young enough that though overall his tracks may sound old-school (a very good thing), his lyrics are a little more up to date, making for a great crossover.

4. Jayme Dee

For better or for worse, Jayme Dee is what I imagine Taylor Swift would have sounded like had she not been born in Tennessee. Her music is unapologetically poppy and upbeat, and her voice is absolutely enchanting. Dee is a straight up California girl, and her music reflects it. Every track, whether it’s about heartbreak or love, sounds like it should be listened to under a blue summer sky, preferably with speakers next to a pool with some sort of food being grilled. She’s set to release her EP sometime in the upcoming months, and until then, she’s got a steady stream of imaginative covers to keep us entertained. Oh, and she’s a knockout.

5. Chris Borelli

A lot of musicians will try to convince you that their music is different from that of every other musician out there, but very few have the actual tunes to back it up. Enter Chris Borelli. A newcomer to the rap game with the perspective of someone on the outside looking in, his sound is catchy, and his bars are clever. But most importantly, they’re honest. He knows he’s black. He knows his rap is very different. And he gives zero fucks. As he says, “ I will not entertain the motives of the majority sound. I create with the determination that I will change the game. I create for the love of music. For that, I am free in my own way. If you wish for the same, pick up a pen and free yourself.” See what all the hype is going to be about before he blows up.


6. Andy Grammer

Andy Grammer has been a personal favorite of mine for a while, but it’s time to share him with the class. You may have heard a couple of his singles on the radio, but literally everything this dude has put out is fantastic. He’s got a great acoustic pop vibe happening, with upbeat sounds, and I swear his music is like an infectious good mood. This is the guy to listen to when you’re with the ladies but you’re not trying to take things to the bedroom just yet, or if you’re just cruising around with the windows down, doing absolutely nothing.

7. Bronze Whale

Yeah, that name caught your attention didn’t it. I know it caught mine. The production duo is based out of Austin, TX, which is home to one of the best party schools and music scenes in the nation, and these guys fit in perfectly with both. Their tracks contain fantastical landscapes that quite frankly made me feel like I was flying when I heard them. And I was dead sober. Fly Bronze Whale airlines with them.


8. Chance the Rapper

Anyone who follows the underground rap scene has probably seen or heard the name “Chance the Rapper” quite a bit, and for good reason. Chance’s mixtape, “Acid Rap”, leaked ten minutes early, ten minutes, mind you, and the demand was so high that before Chance actually posted the tape, it was trending worldwide, and multiple sites had already gone down from the insanely high traffic. But I get it if you don’t want to take the word of others, I would expect nothing less than incredulousness from such discerning readers (jokes). Check out Chance…. The Rapper? (You’ll get that joke after you listen to him)

9. ill.Gates

Summer means partying. Partying means bass, and bass means this next guy. The dude’s “About” blurb on Facebook thing says it all: “ill.GATES is a bass droppin', educatin', oscillator modulatin' space genius from the future.” You gotta respect that kinda confidence, but if for whatever reason you don’t, check out his tracks, and then realize that he’s not being weird, he’s just being up front. This dude is the truth. Honest.

10. Dylan Owen

Dylan Owen is the messiah, in my opinion. Compare him to just upcoming rappers, or frat rappers, or whatever type of rapper you like to listen to, but I’m comparing him to all of them – past and present, when I say that this kid is one of the best I’ve ever heard. Every line he drops bleeds of poetic depth, and every time I re-listen to his work, I’m blown away by how easily Owen has ingrained such wide ranges of emotion so strongly in his tracks. This is the kind of music to appreciate a calm summer night to, the kind of stuff that plays in the background while you wonder whether or not to sit by the campfire with that girl you don’t know yet but want to.


beach babe pic via shutterstock


11. SoMo

I didn’t know pop could be sexy until I listened to SoMo. Thankfully, now I know. With got a strong, fluid voice that fits a variety of genres, and a range of covers as well as original tracks, he could make a fan of anyone. Check out some of his prigial works, and be sure to check his channel for SoMo Sundays.

12. Logic

You had to know he was going to be on the list. Logic is the dude right now. He just got named one of XXL’s 2013 Freshmen, he’s dropping his highly anticipated mixtape in a few days, and he just wrapped up a European tour. He’s definitely got his own style, but Logic is also very versatile. By that I mean that if I had to pick one rapper to listen to for the rest of my life, I’d choose him. Not because he’s the best (though he’s up there), but because he has the ability to take any artists sound and make it his own. He can croon-rap like Drake, come hard on a phat beat like Biggie, and lyrically murk a track like Andre 3000, all while bringing his own signature style to the hypothetical track. I dunno, I just like Logic I guess. But then again, you should too.

13. Krewella

If you rage, you’ve probably heard of Krewella by now. If you don’t rage, then sucks to be you. Regardless, Krewella is blowing up right now, and with their great stage presence and catchy party anthems, it’s no wonder. Comprised of crazy talented super-babes (and sisters) Jahan (call me),  and Yasmine (you too) as well as the ever-raging production whiz Rain Man, Krewella has created a sound all their own. Fusing dubstep, dance, electronic, and moombahton, as well as throwing in their own influences, the Krew (heh) is slated to release an album sometime late this summer through Columbia Records, and it’s bound to be a jam and a half. Turn up with Krewella.


14. Jared Evan

Jared Evan has been slowly making his way into my various playlists, and for good reason. He’s fused soul and rap into his own personal genre, while also somehow managing to slip in a little pop, all without diluting the essences of any of the genres from which he’s pulling. And in addition to his own insane talent, he’s paired up with the likes of Action Bronson and Joey Bada$$ for some even more loaded tracks. Check out his mixtape, and bump as you see fit.


15. Radical Something

Last summer was a breakout summer for Radical Something. Dubbing it the “Summer of Rad”, they released track after track, garnering millions of views in a matter of weeks with their summer-geared gems. It looks like they’re gearing up to do something similar this summer, with new material already promised by this Sunday. If you like easy rap, acoustic guitars, smooth vocals, and general Cali vibes, this is the perfect group for you.

16. Rob Fel

Rob Fel aka Felly the Kid aka Felnuts has been a YouTube favorite for a while now, but lately he’s been stepping up his game, and it looks like he’s ready to take his shit to the next level. Felly’s no bullshit I-cooked-this-in-my-bedroom production style is as chill as it is elegant, matching fluid beats with quick, light wordplay. His channel is a mixture of him making beats, rapping, and simply chronicling his musical adventures. Felly’s entire works are perfect for summer, and you’d be making a mistake not to check out his new mixtape.

17. Cherub

When it comes to pop, lately I’m all about Cherub. Their music is catchy as hell, and is the perfect soundtrack for a variety of activities – jogging, partying, hanging out, burning – they have the right sound for it all, somehow. Their upbeat sound is perfect for summer, and their new EP, “100 Bottles” is an absolute jam. Fall in love with Cherub and get psyched for their album, coming this summer.



Any group whose entry to the music world is announced via ransom note accompanied by a music video with hella naked bitches is a group I can fuck with. FRXXMASONS are one of those groups. They have a slowed down pop/trance sound that’s trippy enough to send your mind reeling, but grounded enough to be easy listening, regardless of whether or not you’re sober (though it’s better not). They only have one track out so far, but I’m told they have more musical gifts coming for us this summer, thus their place on this list. I can’t link to their video due to site policy (the link contains boobies and whatnot), but it’s not hard to find. Watch it.


19. PRFFT and Svyable

PRFFTT and Svyable (pronounced Proffitt and S-viable) are two bros currently attending BC who like to make music to dance to. We’ve featured them on the site before, and so far they have yet to disappoint. Their EP is slated to drop sometime this summer, and I’m stoked to see what these dudes have cooked up for us, if nothing else because they mentioned a “plain silly trap mashup”. What else could a Bro ask for?

20. Tara Thompson

What are two of any self-respecting Bro’s favorite things? Country music, and hot chicks. I mean let’s be real, Taylor Swift probably has at least one spot in your “Recently Played” playlist. And don’t bother saying that it’s because your girlfriend was using your computer, because we both know you were the one rocking out to Tay Tay. Now that we can be honest, here’s another southern belle (I’d like to ring her bells) with pipes. Thing Carrie Underwood, but a little heavier on the country.


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