Celebrate the One-Year Anniversary of ‘Watch The Throne’ By Re-Watching a Behind The Scenes Doc.

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Here's what the director had to say in a recent interview with Paradigm Magazine:

In June of last summer, I was working at a post-production house as an editor. One day something felt very off and I end up leaving work early. As I’m walking, I’m just in my own meditative space, in my own mind, when all of a sudden somebody literally almost collides with me. Like one of those New York moments when, you’re walking and you’re like, wtf. I look up and the person that almost collided with me is Kanye.

We both look at each other, and immediately, I get this strong feeling that he and I will work together. He hops into his car, and there’s nobody inside, it’s just him. So I’m standing there, and we’re like ten feet away, and he’s sitting in his car… And I wonder, do I approach him? Even though he’s already posted my work a number of times on his blog, it doesn’t make sense to go up to him and be like hey you like my stuff.

So he’s in his car and I walk a block away and sit on a park bench. I meditate and just focus on this moment – as it was quite a curious collision of sorts. In meditation I send out these feelings of us working together. How strong that felt when we almost collided.

I walk home knowing that was actually very effective. Within twelve hours, I get a phone call from a producer to work on the Power video. That ultimately led to being hired in Australia.


[H/T: Coed Magazine

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