4 All-Time Best Depictions of Booze in Rap Music

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167 [songs] (23%) mentioned alcohol, and 46 of them even referenced a specific brand of liquor. Half of these “shout-outs” dropped Patron, Hennessy, Grey Goose and Jack Daniel’s by name.

In rap, hip-hop and R&B music, nearly 38% of the tracks mentioned alcohol in some way; 21.8% of country songs and 14.9% of pop hits also explicitly referred to alcohol in their lyrics. Most common were references to tequila, vodka, cognac and champagne in hip-hop, rap and R&B, whereas country and pop music seemed to prefer whiskey and beer. Interestingly, researchers found no references to alcohol in the rock music at the top of the charts.


Science has spoken. Patron, Hennessy, Grey Goose, and Jack are the major players in hip-hop—apparently, Jay Z's legal obligation to drop “Ace of Spades” in each song wasn't good enough.

To me, the next logical step in this booze and rap arms race is to find out who name-dropped the best. Which seems easy, until you realize that essentially every rapper ever has, at one point or another, mentioned each brand by name.

So I put together a list of my personal favorites. To qualify, you didn’t really have to meet any special qualifications, and the rappers aren't listed in any particular order. You just had to name drop your alcohol better than everyone else.


Kanye West- “Diamonds From Sierra Leone

If a stripper named Porscha and u get tips from many men, Your fat friend her nickname is Minivan, Excuse me, That's just the Henny, man

In 2005, Kanye blamed his social ineptitude on Hennessy. Eight years later, no one has realized this was a cry for help.             

MJG- “Stay Fly

We must represent this Tennessee, we drink a whole lot of Hennessy

And yet, somehow, the state motto of Tennessee is still “Agriculture and Commerce.” What a waste.

Afro Man- “Crazy Rap”                     

Her titties were filled with Hennessy

Afro Man will never be critically acclaimed or the most technically-skilled rapper out there, but he doesn’t need to be when he comes up with lines like this. This is why he’s Afro Man.         

Action Bronson- “1 Train”                              

Drinking Henny like I’m Kenny Lofton

As far as I know Kenny Lofton isn't a crazy guy. His entire career consisted of Gold Gloves, All Star Games, Backyard Baseball appearances and a notable lack of substance-abuse problems.

Bronsolino may have mixed him up with Daryl Strawberry. It's a great line either way.

(Honorable Mention: Ron Artest spent a bunch of money on starting a mediocre rap label and also said he drank Hennessy during halftime. That is hip-hop.)

Grey Goose

Kanye West- “Monster”               

Mix that Goose and Malibu I call it Malibooyah

Kanye makes his second appearance, this time mixing Grey Goose and Malibu and all but confirming that he has a serious drinking problem.  

Snoop Dogg- “Murder Was the Case

I'm on my way to Chino, rolling on the grey goose

In this instance “grey goose” refers less to top-shelf vodka and more to a bus full of prisoners. Whatever. It's still technically “grey goose.”

Ying Yang Twins- “Salt Shaker”                  

Lucy get loose on the Goose for real

If Lucy gets loose on the Goose for real, then “Salt Shaker” is the Goose for every girl at every party ever. Thank you, Ying Yang Twins.

(Honorable Mention– Jamie Foxx and T-Pain's “Blame It.” They rhymed “goose” with “loose,” and I can't help but feel like someone else did that before them.)


Nicki Minaj- “Starships

The Patrón, own, let’s go get it on, The zone, own, yes I’m in the zone

Spare me the bitching and moaning. Nicki Minaj isn't the best rapper ever and “Starships” isn't the greatest song ever made. All that matters is that you can legitimately enjoy the first minute-thirty of this song before you start to hate yourself. No shame.

Cassidy- “Drink and My 2 Step

I'm home, get the Patron and tell them that it's on

This song makes my list not because it's particularly groundbreaking, but because the first time I heard it, I thought it'd be cool to get some of my parent's Patron. I then threw up on our basement pool table.

Kendrick Lamar- “P&P

Pussy and Patron make you feel alright

How can I expand on what Kendrick has so eloquently put forth here? I can't. Preach.

(Honorable Mention– Jamie Foxx and T-Pain- “Blame It,” again. Rhyming “Patron” and “zone.” It's an upgrade from the last rhyme, which is saying almost nothing.)

Jack Daniels

Ludacris- “Get Back

I wanna have a good time and enjoy my Jack, sit back and watch the women get drunk
as hell, so I can wake up in the morning with a story to tell

Full disclosure: I assumed all of Jack Daniels' mentions in this study came from a Kid Rock song. I couldn't tell you for sure, so I'm just going to keep doing the rap thing.

This song might not be considered a classic, but it was #1 for forever on the 106th and Park countdown. It meets all my qualifications for a certified hit.

Chance the Rapper- “Favorite Song

Back-to-back packin' bags back and forth with fifths of Jack and fourths of weed

One of the best descriptions of a Thursday night on a college campus I've ever heard.

Jay Electronica- “A Million in the Morning

Stumbled to the bathroom, pissed all over the wall, twisted up a nug, sippin' on Jack Daniels, watching True Blood

And minus the lack of vomit and regret, I think this sums up basically every night centered around heavy consumption of Jack Daniels.

(Honorable Mention: A Kid Rock song. I'm assuming.)

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