RIP Biggie: A Mixtape and ‘Best Of’ Notorious B.I.G. Playlist on the 15th Anniversary of His Death

By 03.09.12

Like Buddy Holly's plane crashing in an Iowa field, B.I.G.G.I.E.'s mysterious and untimely death left a huge chasm in rap that will never quite be filled. There's no way we could let the day slip by without commemorating his legacy in someway, so here's a playlist of Biggie Smalls' must-listens via the folks over at

All Biggie – Tribute | @CheckThisTrack from on 8tracks.



Even better, tDJ Charlie White dropped perhaps the ultimate tribute mixtape, called “It Was All A Dream.” It's a fantastic listen that comes to us via our buddies at The High Definite. Give it a listen:

Respect, Waffle House:


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