Breaking Down the Inevitable Four Loko Rap Video

by 7 years ago

Highlights from the video:

  • 1:08 mark: Kid straight curb stomps a Four Loko can
  • 1:13 mark: Look at the dude next to the “lead singer” in that rainbow polo shirt zipped up to the top. Like he's in sixth grade getting ready for the big dance.
  • 1:19 mark: “Go and get an ID” That brings back memories of Delaware fake IDs bought at bong shops in NYC. Is that still the state to get? Does Jorge still take you into a shady backroom and jack up the price of the ID? Jorge saw me back in with a polo shirt and suddenly there was a preppy inflation rate in the fake ID business.
  • 1:46 mark:  Towel under the hat, I f*cking dig that look. I may start rolling to BroBible meetings like that, just harlem shaking like Michael J. Fox is making the dance popular.
  • 2:25 mark: “This shit ain't new, been doing it for some years.”  What the hell, why didn't these dudes hit the big contact buzz button back in the day? I feel like I've only been hanging out with Four Loko and the camo crush for a year at most. Before that was Joose, which just isn't as good. Joose you get if its the only one available, it's that girl you only text at 3 a.m. with the text “whats up?”

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