The BroBible College Rapper Database: #107 Through #81

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107. Chris Harris

Hometown: Long Island, N.Y.; Long Island University

Must-Have Music: “I Go Off” (song download)

106. Devin Miles

Hometown/College: Pittsburgh; Duquesne University

Must-Have Music: The Compilation (mixtape download)

105. Tevin Nineteen

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colo.

Must-Have Music: “Super Swag” (song download)

104. Tim Gallo

Hometown/College: Water Mill, N.Y.; Hofstra University

Must-Have Music: The Tim Buck Tape (mixtape download)

103. Aer

Hometown: Wayland, Mass.

Must-Have Music: Water on the Moon (mixtape download)

102. James Lion

Hometown: St. Louis

Must-Have Music: The Concrete Jungle (mixtape download)

101. JBrunk* kl*x kl*nk

Hometown: Jamesburg, N.J.

Must-Have Music: Lyrical Warfare (mixtape download){pagebreak}

100. Chet Haze

Hometown/College: Los Angeles; Northwestern University

Must-Have Music: Get Hazed (mixtape download)

99. Bankie Travolta

Hometown: Cleveland

Must-Have Music: Walking on Water (mixtape download)

98. 3one3

Hometown/College: Oakland, Calif.; University of Missouri

Must-Have Music: Peacoat Season (mixtape download)

97. Drew 32

Hometown: Detroit

Must-Have Music: Sunrise on Your Dreams (mixtape download)

96. New Linen

Hometown: Malvern, Pa.; Penn State University, Alvernia University

Must-Have Music: “By Your Side” (song download)

95. KJ Hamilton

Hometown/College: Kennesaw, Ga.; St. John’s University

Must-Have Music: Aspiring MC, Vol. 1 (mixtape download)

94. The Neeks

Hometown: Santa Barbara, Calif., Miami, London; Tufts University

Must-Have Music: “” (song download){pagebreak}

93. Mic Galper

Hometown: Brooklyn

Must-Have Music: Born Wit a Flow (mixtape download)

92. Absolute Pursuit

Hometown/College: Yardley, Pa.; Temple University, Mt. St. Mary’s College

Must-Have Music: Summer Lovin’ (song download)

91. Joe Cool

Hometown: Chicago

Must-Have Music: “Swagged Up” (song download)

90. TeeJay

Hometown: Chicago; Illinois State University

Must-Have Music: “The Thrill” (song download)

89. The Cave Boys

Hometown: Keene, N.H.; University of New Hampshire

Must-Have Music: Now Boarding (mixtape download)

88. Ian J

Hometown: Louisville

Must-Have Music: Lettermans and Wayfarers (mixtape download)

87. Truth Himself

Hometown/College: Minneapolis; Belmont University

Must-Have Music: Playing With Destiny (mixtape download){pagebreak}

86. PreMere

Hometown/College: Torrington, Conn.; New England School of Communications

Must-Have Music: “The Lounge” (song download)

85. Chuck Revere

Hometown/College: West Orange, New Jersey/Quinnipiac University

Must-Have Music: “Wasted” (song download)

84. RockSoul & Torin Martinez

Hometown/College: San Francisco; Berklee College of Music

Must-Have Music: Welcome Home (mixtape download)

83. 90’s Finest

Hometown/College: Oakville,Calif.; Brock University

Must-Have Music: “Don’t Stop” (song download)

82. Julian Young aka Thundaz

Hometown: Brooklyn

Must-Have Music: “Angles Calling My Name” (song download)

81. Greg Falatek

Hometown/College: Radnor, Pa.; Penn State University

Must-Have Music: Higher Education (mixtape download)

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