Chris Willis, Sizzling Twerk Mixes, and What’s Hot This Week

By 08.19.13

Prototype (SanteJazz Remix) [Produced by Atu x Asante]

This is the sexy-time music, plain and simple.



This is a dope track from Kinetics and the dude who sang the hook on David Guetta's “Now That The Love Is Gone”. Not much more to say here, other than that it's a jam.


Devin Miles – Some Shxt II {Prod. Ric & Thadeus}

Smooth flow, clever lyrics, and catchy production make Devin Miles' latest track an easy listen.


We Are ft. Crywolf – PRFFTT & Svyable

With schools starting up again, it's time for those end of summer ragers, and this is a perfect addition to any party playlist.



Now I myself am not personally an ass man, but I understand that many of you out there are, and if you're trying to see some asses drop, this is the track to drop.


Robokid – Mind & Body 

I know we don't want to start thinking about studying already, but it's going to be necessary in the next couple of weeks. However, that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy some solid tunes while you're getting shit done. Check out “Mind and Body” and vibe while you work.


BUHAY – Banana Mix Vol. 1

This is a super eclectic mini-mix that I imagine many of you can find use for.

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