Clinton Sparks, Martin Solveig, Logic, and What’s Hot This Week

By 06.30.13

(KCV) is yet another of the artists we told you to keep an ear out for this summer, and damn does it feel good to be right yet again. Here he is coming at you with a very special (but still bumpin') half-hour mashup that includes a preview of his first original song. Throw on the track and get to lifting, or sexing, or whatever it is you people do with all this music I give you.


Clinton Sparks – Gold Rush

Clinton Sparks has been killing it lately. His track “Gold Rush” is stupid fun, and the video is exactly the same. Watch Clinton, Macklemore, and the rapper formerly known as Tity Boi rock out with some bad bitches, along with some dope ass cameos.


Martin Solveig & The Cataracs – Hey Now feat. Kyle – Lemâitre Remix

Funky tracks have been my jam lately, and given the summer party atmosphere that I assume most of you are trying to cultivate, I figured it might be good to have some kick-back tracks to cool down after all those ragers you've been throwing with the music we've been providing. That said, check out two of these dope funk-step (that's definitely not the right term, but fuck it) joints. 


Funky blues pop is the only way that I can describe this track, but in the end it doesn't really matter how well I can describe it as long as I share it with you guys so you can vibe the fuck out to it. Check out “Blue Song” by “Upon the Bridge” and enjoy the dope guitars.


And just to show most of you that no matter how cool you think your life is, here's a reminder that you'll never have girls throwing themselves at you and asking you to sign their lovelies. Logic's that dude.

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