Cris Cab, Aer, Chance the Rapper, and What’s Hot This Week

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If any of you are like me, and hate those hipster douchebags that constantly put down everything you listen to because it's “too mainstream” or whatever, here is the perfect revenge: listen to this dope track, watch the killer video, realize how great these guys are, and make them huge so that those arrogant hipster assholes have to shut the fuck up. Sound good? Killer.


Chance The Rapper – Good Ass Intro (Official Video)

Chance The Rapper is a name you NEED to know. I'm trying to think of clever things to say about him or his music, but I think it's best if I just let his work speak for itself. Check out the video for “Good Ass Intro”, a single off his upcoming mixtape, “AcidRap”, coming in April.


Willy Moon – My Girl 

So this video was actually released last week, but due to lack of space I had to push this dude up one week. He's totally worth the wait though. Combining a retro 50s sound with hip hop-inspired beats, Willy Moon is out of this world (huh, huh?!). Hailing from New Zealand, his sound is one that needs to hit the mainstream US airways ASAP. Check out the dope video for “My Girl”.


OCD: Moosh and Twist did it big this week. They released their mixtape “Back to the Basement“, and it's an absolute gem. Moving away from the altogether too familiar “hype rap” that so many artists favor, the duo have an upbeat sound that somehow simultaneously lends itself to just kicking back. Download the mixtape and see what all the hype (or lack of it?) is about! 

Cris Cab – Heaven

Cris Cab is back, with his latest visual off his upcoming mixtape, “Red Road”. “Heaven” is the perfect track to listen to right now, whether you're in the middle of spring break, or just enjoying the newly-warm weather. With talent like this, and backers like Pharell and Wyclef, it's a safe assumption that Cris has great things in store for us.


Aer- Take it Wrong

These dudes are like summer in a digital file. Seriously, every one of their tracks makes me feel like I'm about to hit the beach with my buddies, and with the shitty weather we've had this winter, it's a welcome reprieve. That's right, I'm talking about Aer. Check out their new track, “Take It Wrong” on their SoundCloud 


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