GAMECOCKING!!! FRANK PETERS- Music Video With USC TE Drews Ownes Iced out Chain Flexes the #5 PEAT!!

by 4 years ago

This man goes by the name Frank Peters. He is a product of Boston, but his heart and soul developed within the state of South Carolina. Being a Columbia, Sc native, he is notorius for his CRAZY bottle popping music. He made this music video in which i appeared in. My friend Drew Owens, also Tight End for the Carolina Gamecocks is boasting  a luxurious diamond chair while taking a Spurrier like jab towards Dabo Sweeney and the Clemson tigers. This man Frank Peters exemplifies how turnt up Columbia s,c makes it, especially with his insane, crazy, and funny music videos. 

This guy needs to be SEEN!!! He is a instant animal. 

Here are his INSANE videos of what like is like as a GAMECOCK!

Thank You, Ben Edelson

ps. The Xanax Bars video is hillarious and epic, and the Tight End is Drew Owens #88 in the first video towards the end, he walks in holding up the 5 Peat, flexing on Clemson. Let the Good old SC rivalry let Frank Peters BE know for his CRAZY GAME… COCKIN!  

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