HAHA-YO’s New Album Says ‘Hey.’ And You Should Say ‘Hey’ Back

by 4 years ago

Still here. Thanks, Broseidon.

“Hey.” is pretty much tailor-made for summer, and for all the inevitable good times that come with it. Hell, there's even a song dedicated to legendary summer bro Jimmy Buffett, and what a dedication it is.


To NOT download it would be a slap in the face to the playlist of any potential parties you might be having. And there's no excuse not to get it, because for the financially-challenged bros, HAHA-YO is doing you a solid. All you have to do is like their page and their brand spanking new album is yours for the price of free.

And for those of you fancy folk who can afford to buy the album, definitely do so. Because though they might be offering up their stuff for free, it certainly wasn't free to make. And if you like their shit, like I'm sure you will, and want to see more of it, they'll need people to actually buy that shit. It doesn't hurt that you also get two bonus tracks with the paid version.

Regardless of how you get it though, just make sure you actually do get the album, because “Hey.” is way too good and way too fun not to be bumping all summer long.


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