A Historic Irish Distillery Becomes a Festival Venue at Bushmills Live

By 06.28.12


Even though it wasn’t named the Old Bushmills Distillery until 1784, whiskey has been flowing out of the location since 1608, when King James I awarded Sir Thomas Philips a license to distill. Surviving fires, malt taxes and other disasters, the Bushmills Distillery has prospered, leaving many a hydrated Irishmen (and others) in its wake.




Now blend in live music, the Northern Irish Coast and a killer crowd, you have yourself a fiesta. Last week, Bushmills held the first festival of Whiskey and Music at Bushmills Live at the Old Bushmills Distillery on the north coast of Ireland. 400 people came out to the festival to get down to performers like Gary Lightbody, Lain Archer, DJ Wooden Wisdom, Foy Vance, and Snow Patrol; who all put on killer sets. 


(Photo credit: WhiskeyIntelligence.com)

Celebrity guest Elijah Wood, yes I said Elijah Wood, even came out to the party to enjoy the greatness that was Busmills Live. With the mix of awesome performances and Bushmills Irish Whiskey flowing faster than a keg of natty at a frat house, the intimate setting was anything but boring for attendees.



If Bushmills Live is back in 2013, expect to see us there!


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