Jeedy, Bronze Whale, and What’s Hot This Week

by 4 years ago

We told you. We TOLD you to keep an eye out for Luke Bahta. And guess who was right. That's right, we were. Check out this fresh and raw offering from the young So Flo emcee, and be sure to enjoy the shit out of the classy jazz-inspired production.


Jeedy – Fine China Remix

Jeedy's latest video isn't normal. It's not even a minute and a half long, he only rocks a single verse in it, and it's over a Chris Brown beat. And it's FILTHY. This VA homie spits one of the nastiest verses I've heard thus far this year, and from what I gathered, that was only the warm up. Check out this talent and get psyched for whatever the hell he has in store for us.


LRB – “Let's Go” ft. The President

One of the cool things about music is that that it makes you think about it differently than you would anything else. On first listen, I really wasn't the biggest fan of this song, but on the second go around, I found myself extremely impressed with the cleverness of LRB's rhymes, as well as the incredibly catchy hook. This is a relative newcomer to the game, so I'm reserving judgment for the time being, though thus far his tunes have a fresh sound.


Bronze Whale + PRFFTT & Svyable – The Search (ft Koda)

Bronze Whale teamed up with PRFFTT & Svyable to give us a fantastical, old-school videogame boss-stage track with vocals and melodies that would fit right in at any EDM event worth its weight in kandi. This is the first original track from either group, and it's a hell of a debut. Check out “The Search”, and get ready for an EP from each group in the coming months.


Michael Francis – Nona's Reservoir (Official Video)

Michael Francis' knows what he's doing. His new track is trippy as all get out, and the video is bafflingly straight forward. With ranged and pitchy vocals, he sounds almost Weeknd-esque, but with less cocaine, and weed, and well, drugs in general. Check out “Nona's Reservoir”.


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