Jon Bellion, Mad Decent, Radical Something, and More Tunes You Need to Check Out This Week

By 10.16.13

AOBeats may not have the fan following of some of his contemporaries like Sweekuh or Manila Killa, but he's consistently proven that he's got the producing chops to make quality tracks, which is exactly why RoboKid, another artist we've posted before, went to him to remix their tune, “Mind and Body”. It's filled with AOBeats' signature jazzy hooks and melodic synths, sure to keep you vibing. Keep an eye on this guy.

Next, we have yet another insanely good track from Team Visionary's Jon Bellion, detailing yet another of his sexual escapades resulting in a near-death experience. (Peep this first if you don't know what I'm talking about...). One of the highlights of this jam, and a line I hope to use soon: “Screw your pops, let's get some IHOP”, while he throws up faux trap arms. Good shit as always. V's up!

Everyone loves a good (and sometimes shitty) cliche, but believe me when I say that Victor Niglio is that your favorite producer's favorite producer. He's been buzzing for a while, but his last track, “Jiggy feat. Mr. Man” put him over the top, earning him the attention of Diplo himself, and a subsequent single-song release through the Twerk Master's label, Mad Decent. Get Jiggy with Mr. Niglio as he hits em with a drop.

It blows my mind that this track hasn't blown up. Each of these dudes/groups is a force to be reckoned with when they're working solo, but as a group – DAMN. I intended to listen to it a couple of times just for critiquing purposes, but at this point, it seems to keep working its way into my song rotation every three tracks or so. It's almost unhealthy. Almost. Check out “Ghost Town” by Radical Something x Outasight x Kinetics.

Chance is a Rapper (capital R), as you are probably aware. However you probably weren't aware that his younger brother is also one. The comparisons to his increasingly popular older brother are unavoidable, but Taylor Bennett's style is markedly different enough to warrant that you sit up and take notice. It would seem that talent runs in the family. Check out the 17 year-old's mixtape, plus a hype ass video for “Rolling with the Gods”.

Fall is great. Girls haven't started dressing like complete shit yet, football(s) is(are) in the air, hockey is starting up, and artists are starting their college tours. But best of all, it's sweater weather, which means all you bros can let out your repressed inner hipster without being mocked for it. And what better way to complement your not-really-Goodwill-actually-Nordstrom-Rack sweater, than some mellow vibes from an artist who's name itself just screams “I'm cooler than you”? Check out “Ordinary World” from Child Actor, and peep the rest of their stuff on their Meet the Most Honest Girl at Ole Miss Who's All About Boozin' at the Grove.

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