Kyle Lucas, Crywolf, and What’s Hot This Week

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Crywolf – Ghosts (EP)

This dude recently dropped his “Ghosts” EP, and it's like some epic videogame shit, mixed with mind blasting bass, and a hint of insanity. I don't know, it's just dope. In fact, his single “The Home We Made Pt. II) made it to #3 on SoundCloud's most popular tracks, below Jay-Z and Psy. Not bad company if you ask me, especially when each musician is radically different.


Tony Ferrari – Distance

This is a slightly different entry for the column, but Tony Ferrari is too damn good not to share with the world, not to mention that his latest video is bro as fuck. It's “dedicated to all those who fight through the Distance to defend the ones they love”, and it's just one track in a fantastic album by a great talent. Check out the video for “Distance”, and peep the rest of the album here.


One Republic – If I Lose Myself (PRFFTT & Svyable Remix)

Good remixes are harder to come by than they might seem, especially for songs that were already good to being with. But Boston College bros PRFFT and Svyable teamed up to kill this reworking of One Republic's “If I Lose Myself”. They just reached 15k likes on Facebook, and they're performing at a 1900 person, sold-out venue. I'd say they show potential, but at this point they're already proving their abilities


Kyle Lucas – “Housewife” (Prod. G-Eazy)

Kyle Lucas needs to be a household name. Or at least a housewife one. Kyle just put out his mixtape “It's Always Sunny in Marietta 2“, and it's quickly making its way up my most played playlist. Kyle is one of the few rappers who's found a way to balance a pop and rap sound, without having to sacrifice one for the other, and his free project reflects that to a T. Burn this to a disc, roll the windows down, and cruise to this (blunt or not, your choice).


Jai Paul is a producer out of the U.K. that's been laying low for the better half of the last decade. He released his self-titled EP yesterday with no warning, which only made it that much better. Despite his hiatus and relatively low-key presence, music lovers all over the blogosphere have been jumping on this new project, as well they should. The production on this is fantastic, and the release as a whole is addictive. After listening to less than half of the thirty second intro, I was hooked.

Kidd Russell – Hashtag That

I'm all about the summer vibes lately, and Kid Russel's jam “Hash Tag That” just reeks of days spent enjoying the good weather and company. It's chill, it's good, and it's different. That's really all that I need to say, isn't it?


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