Lil Wayne Admits He Almost Died During Stint in Hospital

by 5 years ago

In case you missed it, Wayne also released a video last week in which he cooly said that he was “more than good” after the stint in the hospital.

Of course, this all comes on the heels of another underwhelming album release—Tuesday's I Am Not a Human Being II—which will probably sell well, but has been panned by most hip-hop heads on Twitter and elsewhere online.

I found myself strangely bummed out listening to Wayne on the album. He's obviously trying harder than he has in years. His wordplay is on point, he's aiming for the similes and out-there metaphors that made him famous. Yet he still falls far short of the insanely unhinged greatness present on the mixtapes of that amazing triple-digit-song 2007. And I've been equally bummed to see that it's become so in vogue to make fun of him now, and share shitty jokes on Facebook about how his favorite pizza is Lil Seizures, when, let's face it, five years ago we were all in awe of him.  

No rapper can keep up with his best work forever, I guess. Everyone ends up a caricature of himself. Jay-Z said it best a few years back.

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