A Dope ‘Somewhereinamerica’ Remix, Plus What’s Hot This Week

by 4 years ago


Armen Paul has repeatedly proved that he's got singing chops, and this rock-esque guitar-driven ballad is a wonderfully rough cut gem from the young crooner.


Aaron enlists some trippy production to help him through this depression-laden track, but it works out well, with the final product sounding something like I imagine the Weeknd would if he came down both pitchwise and substance wise.


“Magna Carta Holy Grail” had some of the best beats of any project this year, and seeing up and coming rappers using them correctly is a treat. Peep A2Z's second installment of the #TrueSchooled series.


“Someday” by Eddie Gomez has a great oldschool vibe with a simple but effective beat, and a spot-on music video.

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